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New York City Skeptics is always looking for volunteers to help with our events and activities. Our volunteers come from all walks of life, but each shares a desire to promote skepticism and skeptical inquiry. While we are based in New York City, many of our needs are not location-dependent and can be done via the internet. We welcome the help of dedicated skeptics located anywhere in the world! Several of our most pressing needs are:

  • Website administrator/designer - Maintenance of NYCS website, including organization, design, and technical issues. Prior experience is required and familiarity with Squarespace or other web development software is a significant plus.

  • Media Coordinator - Draft press releases, contact local media regarding listing of NYCS events, and develop press contacts for possible coverage of NYCS events and activities. Prior experience in the publicity field is strongly preferred.

  • Photographer - Document NYCS activities and events. Must have prior photography experience and knowledge of professional/pro-sumer camera equipment. The ability to provide your own camera equipment is a significant plus.

  • Accountant - a CPA (preferably experienced in non-profit issues) to handle NYCS tax filings and 501(c)(3) issues.

  • Attorney - a lawyer (preferably experienced in non-profit issues) to advise NYCS regarding various legal matters, including 501(c)(3) issues.

  • Audio enginner - Assist with and/or handle recording, editing, and distribution of our podcast "Rationally Speaking."

  • Promotions Volunteers - Promote NYCS events via web forums, community bulletin-boards and calendars, as well as posting and distributing flyers in areas where our demographic may be found.

If you are interested in volunteering your time and/or expertise, please complete the below form or send an email to with "Volunteer" in the subject. Please include your name, location, description of any specific skills you posess, amount of time you will be able to donate, and how you would like to help.