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Public Lecture: Niki Athanasiadou - Science Everyday: Simple Rules to Critical Thinking

Niki Athanasiadou - Science Everyday: Simple Rules to Critical Thinking

When: November 21, 2015 @ 3PM

Where: Jefferson Market Library (425 Ave of the Americas at 10th Street)

Over centuries of experience, breakthroughs, and setbacks, science has developed an approach that aims to eliminate the proliferation of error in thought. Viewed this way, the (quest for the) scientific method has been a driving force in shaping human history.Today we seem at crossroads. New information is bombarding us daily, demanding from each of us to take a stance in order to secure our future. Is climate change really threatening us? Are vaccines more harmful than good? Using knowledge gained from science, we will attempt to codify this set of cognitive skills so that everyone has the tools to address these important questions..

Niki Athanasiadou (PhD), is a research scientist in NYU. Her work focuses on the molecular mechanisms that regulate the timing and amplitude with which specific genes pass their instructions to the cell. She combines classical molecular biology techniques, high-throughput DNA sequencing technology, and computational approaches to build a comprehensive model of how these mechanisms are orchestrated. Niki writes for the on-line magazine BiteSize Bio on issues relating to the latest DNA sequencing technologies and the discoveries they have facilitated in the recent years. She was a guest on the podcast “Data Skeptic” discussing how personalized medicine and big data have revolutionized bio-medical research. Niki graduated from the School of Biology in Aristotele’s University of Thessaloniki (Greece), has a Master of Research, awarded with distinction by the University of York (UK) and received her PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Edinburgh (UK). Her work has been published in multiple scientific journals, and she has been awarded the Promega UK Young Scientist Award for Biochemistry, by the British Biochemical Society, alongside other fellowships and awards..

This event is free and open to the public.