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Public Lecture - Neer Asherie

Waiting for Godot, The Extraterrestrial

When: Monday September 21, 2015 @ 7PM
Where: Baruch Performing Arts Center, 55 Lexington Avenue, Room B3-104 (entrance on 25th Street between Lexington and 3rd)

The question of whether life exists beyond Earth has fascinated humans for over two thousand years. In this talk I present some of the historical and modern ideas that have been proposed to address this question and discuss the efforts made in the past few decades to find out if we’re not alone in the universe.

Neer Asherie is a professor of physics and biology at Yeshiva University. He received a B.A. and M.A. in natural sciences (physical) from Cambridge University and a Ph.D. in physics from MIT. He has been awarded grants from the National Science Foundation to support his research on the self-assembly of globular proteins. His articles have appeared in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Physical Review Letters, and Crystal Growth and Design. In addition to his scientific publications, Neer has authored a novel and several short plays.

Suggested donation: $10