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NYC Skeptics Announces New President

The New York City Skeptics Board of Directors is pleased to announce the election of Page Van Meter as New York City Skeptics president. Page has served on the NYC Skeptics Board of Directors since 2009, is former Editor-in-Chief of the Gotham Skeptic blog, and serves on the Northeast Conference on Science & Skepticism Organizing Committee.

"Page has continually demonstrated her commitment to New York City Skeptics and the vote in favor of her new position was unanimous," said outgoing NYCS President Michael Feldman. "It's been an honor to serve as NYC Skeptics' first president, and I'm happy to step down knowing that the organization will be guided by someone of Page's abilities and dedication. I couldn't be more pleased to continue serving on the NYCS board under her leadership."

"I am honored to have been chosen as President of NYCS," said Dr. Van Meter. "My career in research has allowed me to participate in science, but volunteering for NYCS has permitted me be an activist for science. NYCS is one of the most active skeptics groups in the nation, and since its inception, largely in part to the dedication of Michael Feldman, it has grown to become the multi-faceted organization it is today. It is the wish of the Board of Directors that we continue to grow with our Public Lecture Series, blogging and podcasting, social events, NECSS, and new projects and ideas as they present themselves. I am excited that I get to be a part of that growth."

Page Van Meter received her PhD in Zoology and has published several articles in academic journals on the topic of hormones and behavior. As a researcher and educator, Page is particularly concerned about the state of science understanding and appreciation among the public. She became more active with skepticism and with the skeptical community as a means of promoting science education, critical thinking, and greater understanding of the scientific process. Page currently works for Columbia University.

NYC Skeptics is New York City's only dedicated skeptics organization. NYC Skeptics engages in a variety of activities designed to promote critical thinking, skeptical inquiry, and science education, including the NYCS Public Lecture Series, the Rationally Speaking podcast, the New York City chapters of Drinking Skeptically and SkeptiCamp, the NYCS monthly Meetup Group, and the Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism.