Jolly Thirteen Predictions for 2017 and Review of 2016
Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 08:19PM

2016 was, shall we say, a difficult to year to predict. Despite that, some members of the Jolly Thirteen Club had some tragically dead on predictions and humorous misses.

As per our annual tradition, the Jolly Thirtreen Club met at One Mile House on the 13th of January to reveal the results of last year's predictions and make entirely new predictions for 2017. Will we finally prove ourselves to have psychic powers of precognition? Probably not, but we'll still have fun!

Click below to read the predictions for 2017 and see how we did in 2016.

Predictions for 2016 Scored

Omri Abarbanel
Alice Cichon
Tiffany Crespi
Bill Dowling
Jonathan Kwiat
Mitch Lampert
Jonathan Nelson

Predictions for 2017

Anna Chernyshenko 
Ricky Evans aka “Da Hood Prophet” has come down from the mountains of Foresight in the land of Enlightenment to bless you with his glimpses of the future:
Be honored that the venerable one has deigned to share his wisdom with you.
Jonathan Nelson
Michael Rosch
Kit Krash
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