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Jolly Thirteen Predictions for 2016

It's that time of the year again. Everyone from the halls of power to the doomsayer on the street corner has something to say about the coming year. How do the predictions of the Jolly Thirteen Club stack up against the rest? At an unseasonably warm December 13th, the Jolly Thirteen Club had brunch outside and wrote down our predictions for the coming year. If you missed it, feel free to leave your predictions in the comments below! This time next year, we'll be reviewing everyone's predictions to see how a few skeptics stack up against the experts and psychics.

Click below to read the predictions.

Omri Abarbanel
  • Android N will be "Nougat"
  • Charlie Sheen dies
  • Martin Shkreli will buy another drug and increase the price
  • Martin Shkreli will declare bankruptcy 
  • NYC will have a warm winter
Alice Cichon
  • Apple will buy Tesla
  • Trump says that Hitler or Mussolini did nothing wrong
  • Betty White and Lil Wayne die
  • Yoko Ono will release another album, no one will give a shit
  • Ted Cruz has a mistress 
Tiffany Crespi
  • Hillary Clinton wins the presidential race
  • Serious mass transit terrorist attack (within NYC or another major American metropolitan mass transit system)
Bill Dowling
  • Human trials for an HIV vaccine
  • An anti-gay rights candidate will be found to be involved in gay sex
  • Oklahoma will have a record number of earthquakes
  • There will be a mass shooting in the US (5+ victims), no new gun control
Jonathan Kwiat
  • Large Hadron Collider produces no new physics.
  • They are going to find that transcranial direct current stimulation for cognitive enhancements is bad for you
Mitch Lampert
  • Trump is elected president
  • Progress will be made for Raves in Space
Jonathan Nelson
  • The world will be in shock when a large earthquake in Asia causes the death of dozens or even hundreds of people
  • John McCain will be revealed as having a terminal illness 
  • Mike Adams is arrested

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