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Fake (Science) News: How to Know Bad Science Journalism When You See It

When: Sunday, April 15th, 2018 @ 1:00 to 3:00 PM
Where: The Brooklyn Commons Cafe, 388 Atlatic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217

We’re all familiar with the people who deliberately misrepresent science for a desired outcome, usually to get into your wallet. But what about those who get it wrong … accidentally?

That’s right, NYC Skeptics’ own Russ Dobler is here to tell you that science journalists don’t MEAN to get it wrong, even though they often do. Learn about why the rules of journalism sometimes lead them astray, how this is exacerbated by the 21st century media environment, and what YOU can do to spot bad science journalism and fight back.

Bring your own examples to share with the group, and we’ll pick them apart together, using what we’ve learned to see just where they’ve gone wrong, and how they could have been done better!

Russ Dobler has a degree in geophysics and a certificate in journalism, which he combines in his role as Science Editor for the pop culture website AiPT! Comics, where he writes about not just the science of superheroes, but the portrayal of skepticism in media and how to apply skepticism to media. His favorite thing, though, is to help other people refine their voices and craft work on topics they care about.

Brooklyn Commons features a wide selection of coffee, food, desserts, beer, and wine.

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