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December Discussion Dinner: “Should we tell children there is no Santa Claus?”

Join us for this month's discussion on whether we should tell children there is no Santa Claus with Guest Moderator Peter Meiland, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychologist) 

The Santa Claus myth is a myth, but it is a harmless one.  Kids need a Santa Claus.  It might help them.  There are many other forms of lying to kids that are harmful.  And remember, sometimes the truth is harmful.  It depends on the context.  Finally, children don’t graduate from mythical thinking to clear and rational belief systems, they cling to fantasy-based ways of experiencing their lives.  Therefore, adults also cling to the fantasies and myths of their own lives, and no amount of truth and realism will change this very much.  Sometimes a good thing, sometimes not. More on this here... 

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