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The Jolly Thirteen Club

Are you tired of people imposing their superstitions on you? Do you need a break form the irrational? Then join a group of skeptical individuals for an evening of food, drink and skepticism!

Formed in the spirit of Robert Ingersoll, the Jolly Thirteen Club is a modern incarnation of the famous 1880's regular gathering of minds (created to debunk the superstition of "13 at a table" being unlucky). We will not be afraid to break mirrors, spill salt, and in general throw our irrational fears to the wind!

The Jolly Thirteen Club meets without fear on the 13th of each month to discuss how to free society from superstition, irrationality and fear of the supernatural.

Details for each meeting are listed on the NYC Skeptics Meetup Group and the Jolly 13 facebook page, as well as being avaialble on the NYC Skeptics Google Calendar.

All are welcome to join our gathering of skeptics, secular humanists, atheists and other likeminded people for food, drinks and discussion -- so come out and toast reason, logic, and critical thinking!