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Paul Grosswald

Cults and Coercion: How Ordinary People are Turned into Extraordinary Fanatics

Date: August 15, 2009

Download audio : Lecture; Q&A

Twenty years ago, Paul Grosswald was recruited into the Church of Scientology during his sophomore year at Hofstra University. During six months of intense indoctrination he became increasingly drawn to the group, until he ultimately dropped out of school, moved into the cult's Manhattan compound, and signed a one billion year employment contract with Scientology's Sea Organization.

After finally breaking free from the cult's influence, he returned to Hofstra where he earned a B.A. in Communications. Paul has discussed his experience in over 200 lectures and media interviews, in which he educates the public about the dangers of destructive cults, and the techniques of coercive persuasion used by cult leaders.

Today, Paul is a personal injury attorney who helps victims of destructive cults fight back against their abusers.

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